Sound Of Qualista

Leo Sagrado

Resident Producer & DJ

Starting music at a young age, Leo has worked in many different genres before meeting Indie Dance. In 2020, he released his first EP “Meftûn” from Harabe Records.
In doing so, he managed to attract the attention of the world stage with his such singles as “Dance in Silence Ep” and “Mess” afterwards. Leo, whose songs have been played by many valuable bands and artists, is taking firm steps forward on the world of Indie Dance scene.



Meither, who has always been into music, started music production with the support of his network. He later signed with Italy’s powerful record label Somatic Records. Meither, who succeeded in making a name for “Paradise Belongs To You” Ep, remained on the lists for a long time. He uses melodic sounds in his work. He continued to attract attention with labels such as Buddha Bar and Steyoyeke. His songs were supported by big names such as Tale of us, Stephan Jolk, Agents of time, Mind Againts, Colyn, Undercatt.

Labels he signed with: Buddha Bar, Steyoyeke, Somatic, Runing Clouds, Harabe Records, Deer Dear, Ear Porn, Capital Heaven.



Resident Producer&DJ

Coxenberg, who managed to attract the attention of the audience with every music track he released, have been enlisted in the Beatport Top100 lists with his innovative, unique perspective on music and his dynamic & energetic sound.

Sharing the stage with names such as Jonas Saalbach, Solee, Jay Lumen, Ramon Tapia, Coxenberg blends Indie Dance/Dark Disco and Melodic Techno sounds on his sets.



Resident Producer&DJ

Vital experience and the effects of different cultures added dimension to his musical creations. Agawe focused on producing with her intense passion for dance music and released EP’s and singles from major labels.

He signed with ‘Wega’ for the ‘Aurora’ compilation album released by the Pipe & Pochet family which finished 2019 at the top of Beatport’s Electronica/Downtempo rankings

Through his sample pack ‘Cosmic Resonance’ Agawe presented the mystical instruments and rhythmic elements in his creation library for other producers to use in their electronic dance music projects. After a short while he signed with ArtVibes. In 2020, he gained worldwide recognition and support when his new release  “Flowers in Mind”, was selected for an editorial playlist by Spotify titled  “Organica”.

While listening his music you experience a dimensional sensation with the unique patterns and textures. His productions and sets manage to balance an elegant calmness with an epic wildness, by setting hypnotic sequences which keep the listeners in a vigorous state.